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Cloud players landing public sector deals

ISVs that have developed cloud-based software are finding success via G-Cloud with some significant public sector customers

Customers the size of the Ministry of Defence are often quoted as reference points by some the largest vendors in the market, not so often by an ISV.

Cloud-based software developer Ctrl O has sealed a deal with the MoD to help the organisation keep track of its global deployments. The developer's Linkspace software has replaced spread sheets and a former approach that lacked visibility.

The ISV landed the contract via the G-Cloud and has been seen by some in the industry as an example of just what can happen when smaller suppliers are given the chance to pitch for significant public sector contracts.

“Deployed globally by the Ministry of Defence, Linkspace saved 90 per cent of the original budget estimate and was deployed four times faster than they originally anticipated. This was the clearest example of G-Cloud delivering success for the Ministry and for the taxpayer," said Dr Richard Sykes, vice president of EuroCloud and chair of the Cloud Industry Forum.

The MoD will be able to use Linkspace to configure the system in whichever way delivers them results and Andy Beverley, managing director of Ctrl O, said it would provide useful data.

Over the years there have been more calls for smaller suppliers to be given access to public sector business. Many in the channel believe that given the chance they could help save some of the millions that the public sector has been forced to save to balance the books.

Another example of smaller players have a big impact in the public sector came at the end of last month when archiving player Arkivum formed a partnership with UKCloud.

Spun out of the University of Southampton, Arkivum is also on the G-Cloud framework and has grown a solid reputation among academic customers.

“The cloud-first strategy of government and public sector organisations today presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities," said Guy Yaniv, CEO of Arkivum.

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