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Machine learning tipped to be a growth area

Avnet, CSC and Microsoft are just a handful of those backing machine learning as an area that will be reaping revenues for the channel

When Avnet pulled together its predictions for what 2017 would hold machine to machine learning was one of the areas the distributor expected to see some growth.

The channel player viewed advance machine learning as the next stage in the Internet of Things story as users looked to try and exploit the intelligence that could be gained from connected devices.

"Leveraging machine learning and cognitive computing with connected smart devices allows humans to interact with technology and their surroundings in ways which will drive innovation forward at an unprecedented pace," said Marcus Adae, vice president strategic suppliers at Avnet Technology Solutions EMEA.

"As the gap narrows between the physical and digital world, the door opens wider for companies to explore new and innovative products and services both in the commercial and consumer sectors, which will ultimately enrich the way we interact with our world day to day," he added.

Avnet is expecting machine learning to have more of an impact in the tech sector because it has the prospect of uncovering hidden insights and ushering in new business models.

"Connected technologies can help nearly any industry, but are becoming more popular within logistics. IoT will support shipments and cargo, allowing them to be constantly monitored and all the information gathered can be sent back to HQ, enabling the industry to become more reliable and dynamic," said Adae.

Evidence that the rest of the industry has also got the memo on machine learning is stacking up with CSC announcing it has expanded its strategic alliance with Microsoft to cover industrial machine learning (IML).

“CSC has been working with Microsoft on industry-specific approaches to the problem of creating data science that works,” said Dan Hushon, chief technology officer, CSC.

“The result is a holistic, enterprise-scale data science and machine-learning offering called IML, which improves the return-on-investment clients see from their information. IML can facilitate tangible benefits, such as reduction in patient readmissions or lowering manufacturing material consumption rates," he added.

The nuts and bolts of the CSC and Microsoft solution is based around using the Azure cloud platform and the Cortana Intelligence Suite.

CSC has developed 96 'data stories', helping users understand the benefits of machine learning, across six different verticals: banking, energy, insurance, manufacturing, healthcare and retail.

“CSC’s IML solution harnesses the power of the cloud with Microsoft Azure and advanced analytics with Cortana Intelligence to allow customers to predict potential issues and generate decisions which are then actionable. As a result, companies can take advantage of data that had previously been overlooked and give it real business value," said Joseph Sirosh, CVP at Microsoft.

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