HPE outlines hybrid and IoT channel opportunities

HPE's Dicovery event in London has seen IoT and hybrid cloud emerge as two of the major themes

HPE has outlined ambitions to make IoT simple and to serve customers that are going to be operating with a hybrid environment for years to come.

The vendor has been reaching out to customers and partners at the Discovery event in East London this week as it shares the vision for the year ahead.

In a session with partners the firm revealed that even after recent divestments of some of the software and services opertations it was still generating $8bn of IT services revenue annually and $1bn that is advisory capability, which it plans to lean on the help customers with digital transformation.

As well as talking about the areas for growth, IoT and hybrid cloud, the firm is also stressing to partners that it is still in the hunt for acquisitions that will add value to those areas and provide partners with even more to take out to the market.

Chris Hsu, executive vp of enterprise at HPE, said that there were real opportunities for partners that could help customers deal with a hybrid world.

"Everyone has accepted that the world is hybrid. What does hybrid mean? It means that our customers are going to have traditional workloads in traditional data centres and many of them are on mainframe computers. They are also going to have the latest and greatest from public cloud, AWS , Azure and Google, and they have got to figure pout a way to make it all work together," he said.

"How do I have something to manage this hybrid environment, which is way harder than it was two years ago, five years or ten years ago," he added.

The other area where he believed that partners would have a chance to gain revenue was around IoT, with devices generating data that would have to be stored and analyised.

"Because it is so complex, because it is moving so fast, customers need help. [The channel] knows how to do that," added Hsu "IoT is all abolut data analytics and insight and who is not worried about security? It is spot on trend."

The theme of IoT dominated Discovery and was the main thrust of HPE CEO Meg Whitman's keynote at the event. She told delegates that it had the technology and relationships to make great strides in this area.

“Everyone and everything is being connected. IoT [internet of things] sensors generate massive amounts of data. There is a need for greater intelligence at the edge of the network," she said.

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