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Docker signs Avnet as EMEA distributor

Avnet has signed an EMEA-wide distribution agreement with the commander of containers

Avnet today announced it has signed an EMEA-wide distribution agreement with Docker.

As part of this agreement, Avnet will distribute Docker Datacenter, the company's integrated, end-to-end platform for agile application development and management. Avnet will also distribute Docker’s validated and supported package - Docker Engine.

Docker’s container technology has exploded in popularity in a short space of time. Because of the lightweight nature of containers, which run without the extra load of a hypervisor, users can run more containers on a given hardware combination than if they were using virtual machines.

Docker claims that Docker Datacenter allows developers to move applications from development to production up to 13 times faster, and gives operations teams the ability to migrate workloads in and out of the cloud.

“Avnet will provide Docker with the foundation to continue to build our business in Europe, and they have the experience and expertise needed as we launch our expanded partner program in EMEA,” said Glenn Gerrard, director, EMEA channel and alliances at Docker. “This strategic partnership will make it easier to help drive Container-as-a-Service adoption, so that customers can have an IT managed and secured application environment that enables developers to build and deploy applications in a self-service manner.”

Marcus Adae, vice president, strategic suppliers, at Avnet Technology Solutions, EMEA, added: “We see a good opportunity with Docker to provide our customers with the competitive edge they need to stay ahead.”

“Containerisation is a fast growing technology and Avnet, being an already established leader in data centre solutions, will provide the optimum platform for Docker’s technology to transform businesses across Europe. Docker will benefit from our extensive partner network to help drive adoption and integration with a range of technologies and enterprise environments.”

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