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Cobweb celebrates 20 years

Cobweb is celebrating 20 years in business and is already looking forward to the next few years of growth

As birthdays go hitting 20 is a pretty big one, particularly in the channel, and worthy of a slice of cake and a celebration.

Cobweb has cut the cake and raised a glass at a company meeting and is going to use its forthcoming Christmas party as a chance to celebrate two decades in business.

The Microsoft specialist has seen the business change since it kicked off in 1996 with the cloud becoming ever more important for customers.

Michael Frisby, managing director of Cobweb, is at the helm of a business that is already looking forward to the next few years as it aims to remain relevant to customers and the channel.

"Cobweb was born in the cloud before it was called the cloud. We have been delivering cloud services for a long time," he said.

He said that over the years the byusiness had been through a massive reinvention as it made sure it was always one strp ahead of the changes in the market and that pressure continued as more business moved to the cloud.

A signal of the intent to continue to invest in the future came earlier this year with the establishment of value added cloud aggregator Vuzion, which provides reselelrs and ISVs with a marketplace of integrated solutions.

Frisby has seen the reseller base it works with incease by 50% in the last year as more channel partners take advantage of a service that has already done the heavy lifting for them.

"We bring 20 years of experience and are passing that expertise through to our resellers," said Frisby "Vuzion is so important. We have always been a channel business."

Looking to the future is not just about products and services and Cobweb has managed to last for as long as it has thanks largely to the people that work in the business.

Along with the founders of Cobweb there is one other staffer who has been there the entire twenty years and Frisby is proud of the stats that underline the enjoyment that people have working for the business, with 35% having been at the firm for more than five years.

Frisby said that the decision five years ago to start an apprenticeship programme was also a move by Cobweb to make sure it had the right skills on board to secure its future.

"Our investment in people is one of the differentiators. It is always good to find good people," he said.

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