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Arrow hopes sharing London's happiness inspires channel BI activity

Arrow ECS has set out to find out how happy London is to show resellers just how analytics can work

It's all well and good talking about big data and analytics but Arrow has gone one step further and decided to arm the channel with an example they can showcase to customers.

The project the distributor is involved with  - How Happy is London? collects information from various sources in the public domain anf then delivers a happiness indicator that can provide an insight into the mood in the Capital.

At the time of writing this London was feeling 'Life's good' although the weather was failing to generate widespread happiness.

The happiness grade moves from business as usual, happy, life's good to top of the world and is meant to help resellers show customers how gathering information from various sources can help provide information that can be used to make business decisions.

David Fearne, technical director, UK & Ireland at Arrow ECS, said that there was a growing appetite among customers for real-time information.

“With the competitive edge becoming ever thinner, organisations need more powerful tools to make better, quicker, and more accurate and consistent decisions. If you take what we’ve done with How Happy Is London? and adapt the metrics to business-critical ones, such as sales and customer satisfaction, you can see how companies can visualise their data and approach decision-making differently," he said.

The project enables users to get information about the state of happiness in London through graphics and for the channel there is the chance to learn the lessons from the distributor because the system has been built on algorithms that are open for resellers to get access to.
Eric Nowak, president EMEA at Arrow ECS, described it as a moment when the distributor moved forward the services it could offer partners around business intelligence.

“It’s inspiring to see big data and analytics come to life in this way, signalling a new chapter at Arrow and within the channel. We’re looking forward to developing further technological advances across EMEA, together with our business intelligence suppliers," he said.

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