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GE launches new ISV partner programme

Industrial leader aims to increase number of applications for its Predix operating system with new ISV programme

GE this week launched a new channel programme aimed at bringing a wider range of independent software vendors into the Internet of Things fold.

Predix is GE’s operating system for the Industrial Internet – aka - the Internet of Things. The manufacturing giant hopes that the platform will serve as the foundation for a host of new applications that will serve industrial operations, such as maintenance, content development and asset management. GE has forged several key partnerships, such as with Cisco, in order to get the OS running on a wide variety of hardware, but in order to really take off, the company needs to get it in the hands of developers.

“Ultimately, this new programme will enable more rapid growth of the industrial app economy, giving customers greater access to digital tools that increase productivity and cost savings,” GE said in a statement.

GE says that the new ISV programme has more than 100 registered partners with more than 35 actively developing a commercial, industrial solution. GE Digital said that it expects this number to grow as more companies get on board with its vision for an interconnected industrial world.

“Industrial companies today face unique challenges as they become more connected across both their enterprise and physical environments,” said Denzil Samuels, global head of channels and alliances at GE Digital. “In response, GE is creating a robust marketplace by collaborating with companies that share GE’s vision for digital transformation and bridge the gap between the industrial and IT worlds to drive successful business outcomes. The ISV program enables GE and its partners to make industrial apps more accessible to a wider range of companies, while helping them increase productivity through the use of Predix platform.”

Participants in the programme will have access to the Predix platform, which includes Predix capabilities, data services and security services. ISV partners also receive application development support, including training for rapid development as well as preparation for the beta launch and general availability release with go-to-market support.

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