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The data centre is becoming a venue for collaboration

Digital disruption is forcing those working in the media industry to work with their ecosystem partners more closely to fend off competition

The concept of an ecosystem is constantly evolving as more elements are added and levels of collaboration increase and the latest venue for closer integration in the supply chain is the data centre.

With the ecosystems in certain vertical markets coming under pressure to speed up their collaborative processes to remain relevant in a digital age the 'inter connects' are now being made in data centres under the guidance of players like Equinix.

The firm has been banging the drum about adding more value and encouraging channel partners to sell more than just on the basis of a co-location and capacity package.

Matt George, senior manager, content & digital media at Equinix, recently took part in a debate at Capacity Europe and outlined the need for more connections to be made between firms in the data centre to speed up their production cycles.

In the media world the storage needs are growing strongly with more video being generated at higher quality. The challenges to established players are also coming from new directions with social media platforms becoming more video dominated.

As a result some of the well established big names have had to reconsider the traditional approach of working in silos, bringing in third party expertise as and when needed, and are now working more closely with elements of their supply chain to match the competition.

"There is a huge opportunity because companies have to collaborate and change the way they are working," said George.

"Big global companies need an ecosystem to run their business," he added.

George said that around three years ago Equinix became aware that its customers in key verticals would want to start working together in the data centre.

A motoring example

One of the examples of inter connections being made is in the car industry where digital disruption is taking place.

Cars are increasingly gathering data but then sending that to be stored and processed somewhere else. The data centre provides that secure location for the information but it is also able to provide an arena for some important collaboration. The data from the connected car can be shared in an ecosystem with insurance companies, developers and analusts to make sure that the data can be processed and analysed more quickly.

"The networks need a place to land," he added "This is a story of inter connection. Digital disruption is rearchitecting the network and customers want to move to the edge of the network and exploit the scale."

Referring specifically to the media world George said that a few years ago the producers were operating in a different way but the competition from players including Netflix, Youtube and Facebook was forcing them to speed up their processes to get content in front of audiences quicker.

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