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PC giants remain positive over future prospects

The main players in the PC world have told resellers that there remains life in the category

Some of the biggest names in the PC industry are expecting consolidation in the market as the battle for growth continues to get tougher.
On the first morning of the Canalys Channel Forums event in Barcelona keynotes from Gianfranco Lanci, corporate president and COO at Lenovo, Michael Dell, CEO of Dell Technologies and HP’s CEO Dion Weisler all touched on the state of the PC market.
Lanchi said that the declines in the PC market have slowed and Windows 10 is having an impact in driving customer hardware spend in the commercial space.
The vendor is the number one player in the market, with around a 21% share, and has a big stake in keeping the interest going in desktops, laptops and the other detachable and 2-in-1s that the firm produces.
"The PC market is in decline but we see the decline slowing down compared to twelve months ago," he added "We see some good things from Windows 10 refresh of commercial PCs."
"The commercial market is slowing down at a much slower rate than the consumer market," he added.
Weisler was also noticing pockets of growth that could be exploited but stressed that the products had to be well made and deliver innovation for customers.
"We want to prove that the PC isn't dead and you can breathe life back into the platform," he said.
He added that the market was still worth hundreds of billions globally and although it was changing there was still a need for a wide range of devices, which included laptops and PCs.
The view from the other big player in the market Dell Technologies was also one stressing the positive role that PCs continue to play alongside other devices.
"On the PC front it remains a very important business within Dell Technologies," said Dell and added that since going private it had delivered 14 quarters of market share growth and was continuing the innovation in the platform.
"We are well positioned, particularly in the commercial PCs, so it remains a very important area for us," he said.
Where life is not going to be so rosy is for some of the other competitors with the battle for market share continuing to put smaller vendors under pressure.
Lanchi revealed that he expected some changes to the landscape because the PC market would not be able to support the current number of hardware players.
"The PC industry needs consolidation. Small players cannot survive, the top three will grow share," he said.

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