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Veritas roars back with data message for partners

Veritas is holding its first partner conference for years and has outlined just why it is positioned strongly in the data market to deliver revenues for the channel

It has been a while since the name Veritas resounded around the channel but the data management specialist is working hard to change that.

This week sees the firm hold its Vision 2016 conference in Las Vegas, the fitst time it has done so for more than 10 years, as it stretches its wings post the demerger from Symantec and looks to stamp its authority in the data management market.

Speaking to sister title Computer Weekly ahead of the conference Veritas CEO Bill Coleman said that it wanted to be the firm that was associated with data - protection, availability, resiliency and insight.

That theme was picked up in his keynote, which dragged in the topical subject of digital transformation, with Coleman banging the drum hard to position data management as one of the most important areas a tech firm could be operating in.

On the back of that the firm has launched a range of cloud data management products that provide the protection, availability and insight to those storing information in hosted environments.

“The opportunity to leverage data is hindered by the fact that it’s stored in many places, making it difficult for organisations to manage and govern,” said Ana Pinczuk, Chief Product Officer at Veritas.

“In a world of digital transformation where information is everything, data becomes your key business asset.  Data is growing exponentially and you can’t solve that with hardware.  A software-driven approach, which completely abstracts information from infrastructure, is the only path forward," she added.

A sense of just how the firm is trying to position itself came in her words about where it fitted into the equation: "Veritas’ data management solutions help organisations achieve data protection, business resiliency and regulatory readiness across heterogeneous environments, whether on-premises or in the cloud.”

The market for cloud management and data tools is getting to be a fairly crowded one but Veritas is hoping that its brand, which is still remembered by many, will put it in a strong position.

At the end of his keynote, which had included some current product news as well as some predictions around how important data would be in the future, Coleman thanked partners for sticking with the vendor. "We're back," were his parting words.

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