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Daisy warns that digital transformation isn't going to just happen

Firms might be aware of the need to get involved with digital transformation projects but for many not a great deal is happening as they struggle with various challenges

In the immediate wake of Brexit businesses were asked how they felt the result would effect them and there were indications from techUK that when it came to technology firms there were expectations that investment would slow.

But in the opposite corner arguing that no one could resist spending for too long were those claiming that the need to keep up with the digital transformation agenda would keep the channel coffers brimming over.

That sounds like a convincing argument until you take a closer look at Daisy Group research into just where customers are going with digital transformation.

The main answer seems to be nowhere fast, and that could undermine potential investments even further because SMEs and a large amount of enterprises are not taking any steps to try to take advantage of digital technology. When it comes to the channel reacting to that state of affairs the conclusion seems to be that more customer support is needed if spending is going to be unlocked.

The converged comms specialist found that 73% of SMEs and just shy of half of larger enterprises (45%) were not doing anything constructive around digital transformation.

There were a few reasons for that hesitation, including for SMEs problems with getting skilled staff, lack of strategic direction from the business. For larger enterprises there were issues with legacy kit and time resource issues.

Digital transformation drivers

According to the research that was undertaken for Daisy Group most customers are aware that digital transformation should have a very positive impact on their business operations and both SMEs and large enterprises were able to provide a list of the main benefits:

•    Greater efficiency and cost savings (large enterprise – 59%, SMB – 67%)
•    Technology innovations (large enterprise – 64%, SMB – 65%)
•    Customers (large enterprise – 54%, SMB – 44%)
•    Staying ahead of the competition (large enterprise – 54%, SMB – 42%)

Despite the apparent lack of action Nathan Marke, chief digital officer at Daisy Group, said that businesses still had to develop a digital transformation strategy.

“Businesses large and small must embrace digital transformation if they are to grow their share of their market.  While the majority of businesses appear to recognise this need to change, a lack of a clear strategy is potentially holding them back from realising the benefits," he said.

“In the converged digital world, businesses must be able to join the dots. Through embracing technological innovation, business will be able to boost efficiency and drive down costs, but most importantly help them better serve their employees and customers in the future," he added.

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