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Channel has a role to play in driving intelligent machine growth

Ipswitch has revealed that the channel has a crucial role to play in helping customers automated technology

Encouraging firms to go through a digital transformation process inevitably means installing more automated technology across the business.

The good news is that it is a channel play with many customers still not in a position to get to grips with intelligent machines and plenty voicing concerns about security.

The bad news is that many customers are struggling to overcome those security issues, get the funding or lack the knowledge to get into a position to progress investment.

Ipswitch worked with Freeform Dynamics to try and get a picture of what was happening with intelligent machines that were being used to automate processes and found that there were opportunities for both MSPs and traditional resellers.

The research it generated forecast that over the next three years there would be spending in automating the management of document and tasks, solutions that could support business modelling and decision support systems that will help users work out what is happening to the business and the Infrastructure.

“Organisations are harnessing the transformative powers of intelligent systems to gain competitive advantage. But IT decision makers recognise that, while a force for good, these technologies also expose the enterprise to new internal and external risk vectors,” said Tony Lock, distinguished analyst at Freeform Dynamics.

An intelligent future

Digital transformation is already leading to a growth in the adoption of intelligent machines and the headlines from the Ipswitch and Freeform Dynamics research was that 92% of IT professionals have an appreciation the the technology is now central to the success of their business, but 68% acknowledge it raises new concerns about network security, access and controls.​

“As the pace of adoption increases, there will be no escaping the impact of intelligent systems on the enterprise – regardless of whether or not organisations directly invest in such technologies,” he added.

Michael Hack, SVP of EMEA operations at Ipswitch, said that although IT pros in user organisations wanted to take advantage of automation they recognised that they needed “a helping hand to address security and risk concerns and to manage increasingly complex intelligent system implementations”.

“IT teams are already struggling to cope with the impact of automated business systems in a range of areas – including cyber security, fraud management, intelligent network monitoring and activity visualisation. It all adds up to a major opportunity for VARs, MSPs and resellers who, as trusted advisors, will have a key role to play in helping IT teams to tackle these challenges – and add value via consultancy and technology packages that can help manage an increasingly complex IT landscape,” he said.

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