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Nutanix launches SMB-friendly hyperconverged solution

Nutanix attempts to corner the small and mid-sized markets with the launch of Xpress, an affordable hyperconverged solution

Nutanix today announced the launch of a new solution, designed to bring the firm’s enterprise cloud platform to small and medium businesses (SMBs)

Nutanix Xpress offers a complete hyperconverged solution that natively integrates server, storage and virtualisation. The solution is plug-and-play and can power 5 to 500 virtual machines (VMs) using Nutanix’s pre-licensed AHV hypervisor and VM management tools.

“Xpress is the next step in the company’s long-term strategy to bring the benefits of hyperconvergence to businesses of all sizes,” said Raja Mukhopadhyay, VP of product management, Nutanix.  “Xpress is a new Nutanix product line with a dedicated technology roadmap. In support of this new initiative, Nutanix is building new go­to­market strategies with its channel, developing additional training and augmenting its world­class support organisation.”  

Nutanix Xpress will be available via all worldwide Nutanix authorised resellers and distributors in July 2016.  Xpress­based solutions will also be made available by Nutanix OEM partners. Final customer pricing is expected to be in the region of $25,000, depending on needs and will include access to Nutanix support.

Kevin Kaiser, senior category manager at CDW, said: “Small businesses face an IT quandary – they are burdened with sprawling infrastructure and diverse management solutions, but have very limited options for deploying next­generation solutions, such as hyperconverged products.”

“We see a significant opportunity to partner with Nutanix and bring the new Xpress solution to our customers to help them build scalable, optimised infrastructure,” he added.  


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