Annodata advises public sector to share more to save more

Shared services across the public sector have already delivered savings running into the millions but the MSP believes there is more that could be done

If the government wants to try and save a bit of money then it could do better than to take the advice from MSP Annodata.

The need to try to save money across local government continues to be an ongoing project for the Chancellor George Osborne and the head of councils and technology has played a massive role in helping trim costs.

One of the suggestions from Annodata is that the practice of local authorities using shared services is extended beyond the 400 that are currently set up, producing savings of around £462m, should be more widely used.

It is not the first time that channel experts have provided some useful advice for the powers that be and try to help generate some useful cost savings.

The argument from Annodata is that each local authority and council have their own website, email, education and social care systems and there is duplication which could be avoided.

“Local government remains under enormous pressure with stretched budgets but with such a large amount of duplication in technology provision, there is clearly scope to reduce costs and improve efficiency,” said Rod Tonna-Barthet. Annodata’s CEO.

“We are seeing great strides being made in the local government sector on the adoption of shared services, but they are still not going far enough. By moving more information onto the cloud, councils will be able to access centralised information and collaborate across departments to help cut down on unnecessary duplication of IT software," he advised.

It might be a difficult sell to encourage more investment in IT infrastructure but Annodata stated that there would be savings to be had in the long term.

“Some councils may be reluctant to spend money on the IT infrastructure needed for such a move, but the fact is that those councils that share services effectively stand to make significant gains in the long run. By following a shared service approach, local government agencies are able to share information such as HR, finance and back office software, via the cloud, which can be accessed by multiple councils, reducing cost while improving functionality,” said Tonna-Barthet.

Annodata is aiming to hit a target of £100m revenue by the end of the year with the focus being on growing cloud and managed services business.

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