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Hewlett Packard Enterprise wants to 'fast forward' Dell customers

Hewlett Packard Enterprise steps up its campaign against its rival Dell ahead of the merger with EMC completing

Ever since the Dell and EMC merger was announced it has put Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) on the defensive, leading to the firm robustly attacking its rival.

Earlier this month, Meg Whitman, CEO of HPE, used the firm's Q1 results to talk to analysts about how it was reacting to the Dell/EMC merger, arguing that it was in a prime position to take advantage of any disruption in the market that it would create.

Whitman said that it was already experienced exploiting customer unrest with the IBM sale of its x86 business to Lenovo and was making channel plans.

“We have a focused channel play called Smart Choice and we have a big opportunity to take Dell and EMC business – much as we took a lot of the Lenovo business that would have gone to Lenovo. So, we’re seeing good results in the marketplace. We’re rolling out our full sales efforts," she told analysts.

Readers of some national newspapers yesterday will have seen the latest broadside from HPE, with the firm taking out full page adverts to raise concerns about its rival.

"Don't let the EMC/Dell merger put your business on pause" proclaimed the ad in bold letters before going on to highlight the alternative for concerned customers.

"in today's business environment driven by rapid change, you can't afford to miss a beat. Soon EMC and Dell will be forced to turn their attention to integrating two separate organisations with different product lines and services. Will this distraction take their focus off your business?" asked the ad.

HPE has also set up dedicated web resources to back its "fast forward" campaign, stressing that those who are worried about their business being slowed down by the merger do face an alternative.

"At Hewlett Packard Enterprise, we've already streamlined our company into a modern enterprise partner with an innovative, integrated portfolio of servers, storage, networking, software, services and cloud-native technology," stated the advert.

The advertising campaign has clearly been timed to get the attention of users with the Dell/EMC merger close to be completed.

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