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ShoreTel extends developer support

In an attempt to make life easier for those partners building a solution that includes a third-party element the UC specialist has added more technical support for the channel

ShoreTel continues to add extra technical functionality to its partner programme as it takes channel feedback and tries to provide more support to its reseller base.

The firm recently launched its latest Connect suite that can provide cloud and UC products and has followed that up with the TechConnect programme, which includes an expanded relationship with an independent testing firm.

TechConnect comes in the wake of recognition that as it looked to encourage its partners to develop cloud and UC offerings there was an increasing amount of third-party integration happening in that solution building process.

To make life easier for everyone the vendor has now publicly recognised what has been happening and is making sure that as a result of its relationship with an independent testing and services firm the process of integrating third-party offerings should be easier.

The TechConnect programme has three levels: developer technology partner and technology alliance partner and should attract more ISVs to work with the comms vendor, particularly those looking to get a vertical solution given the thumbs up.

There are already 1,500 developers and 110 technology partners signed up with the vendor’s Innovation Network and they will be brought into the TechConnect programme at the equivalent level.

ShoreTel has also promised a more efficient certification process and will provide the remote testing to those looking to get their products validated for promotion across the wider partner ecosystem.

“With the new ShoreTel TechConnect program, we are building a vibrant ecosystem of partners that will extend the value of the ShoreTel Connect solutions,” said Mark Roberts, CMO of ShoreTel.

“We are seeking complementary solutions with a focus on vertical applications, and are focused on creating greater value for our customers through interoperability and integration with tools and applications they use daily,” he added.

Roberts spoke to MicroScope a couple of weeks ago about his intention to encourage more partners to take the cloud message out to customers and he said that the latest programme was part of its ongoing efforts to put more support behind the channel.

“With the new programme we have intensified our attention on go to market efforts with member partners and on providing additional training and marketing resources. We’re also pleased to be offering additional certification options,” he said.

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