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Nimans moves into the laptop space

Comms distributor Nimans has decided that now the time is right to move into the laptop space

The channel is always evolving and adding extra strings to its bow but perhaps the idea of entering the hardware world if that is not familiar territory is not the ,most obvious move.

But for the comms distributor Nimans the time was apparently right to provide its resellers with access to a hardware range that provides both a tablet and a laptop in one package.

Nimans has teamed up with Venturer and can offer its partners with a couple of products that should appeal because of the decent prices and the Windows 10 compatibility.

“Teaming up with Venturer is another example of how Nimans continues to diversify and evolve,” said Nimans group sales and business development director, Richard Carter.

“This is our first foray into the computer market and these two innovative laptops provide resellers with a competitive market advantage to stand out from the competition. They are destined to be a big success," he added.

For years it always felt that there was a divide between the comms and voice players and the traditional IT data channel. Talk about convergence always abounded but the evidence of it was never there in great volumes.

Yet the movement by the likes of Nimans over the past few years has shown that those in the comms world have moved to provide a much greater depth with a portfolio that covers well beyond where they started life from.

Venturer’s head of sales, Adrian Green, said that the distributor had a "vast reseller base" and a reputation for "service excellence".

Although laptops, along with desktop PCs, have been in decline over the past few years there is a feeling that this year those drops should stablise and the impact of Windows 10 should be felt as more enterprises start to migrate away from older versions of the Windows OS.

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