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Lookout working with channel to reach enterprise market

Mobile security player Lookout is working with the channel to grow its footprint in the enterprise market

It has been just over four months since mobile security player Lookout started to build a channel in earnest to take its enterprise product to market.

The firm entered the commercial market after years of building up a user base of millions using its consumer product after identifying it as the next arena to fuel company growth.

Since the summer the firm has been adding resellers to its roster and now boasts around 20 that can offer decent geographical coverage. It also took the step of signing up Exclusive Networks and start working with distribution from the start as it looked to build its presence in  the UK market.

The decision to enter the enterprise space was taken alongside another strategic policy to do so only via the channel.

David Helfer, VP worldwide channel development & inside sales at Lookout, said that it did not want to go out and just get as many logos as it could to show off its enterprise credentials but instead looked to partners to deliver long-term growth.

"We want to do this completely with the channel because we are looking at the long-term strategy," he said.

The initial reception from the enterprise market has not been the snobbish one that some consumer centric vendors get when they choose to expand into the business space.

Helfer points out that with millions of users already on its system it has the ability to gain access to security information about the latest threats and which apps are potentially risky well before most CSO's would be able to inside their own organisations.

"we are able to go to Fortune 500 companies and talk about some of the threats that are already prevelant in the user base. We now have 15m apps that we have absorbed and that is double what you will see from the leading app stores in the market. We see some of the apps that never hit the market," he said.

He added that the customers were changing their perceptions of what was required around mobile security and more understood that they had to invest more to gain greater protection.

The Lookout product works alongside mobile device management offerings but Helfer said that there was a need for a solution that had been designed to cope with mobile security threats.

"It is a top priority spend and an increasing spend on mobility risk," he added "The perimiter of the network has changed in the last 24 is a world of opportunity out there.

Helfer said that the Northern European market had always been early adopters of mobile technology and for resellers there was a chance to talk to firms about their mobile assets and how to reduce risks.

From a UK perspective the focus is on developing the channel at a good pace with a mixture of mobile and security specialists.

"I'm being very selective and we want to be able to offer value to partners and get value in return," said Jamie Andrews, EMEA partner director at Lookout.

As well as continuing to develop the UK channel, with some telco and MSP specialists the next target, there are also areas geographically, like the Middle East, where it needs to recruit partners.

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