Microsoft flags developer benefits of Windows 10

It has been three months since Windows 10 was launched and already Microsoft is able to talk up the positive impact it has delivered for developers

Microsoft has highlighted the financial benefits for those developers that get involved with Windows 10 and provided an update on the progress of its latest operating system.

The software giant has just released updated figures around the adoption of Windows 10, which was released three months ago, giving some indication of the take-up by the business market.

The latest global figures indicate that the latest OS is now installed on 120m devices. Of that total 8m business PCs have also shipped. In terms of migrating users on older versions of the software 90,000 have been successfully moved across to Win 10.

The oldest PC so far successfully upgraded was almost a decade old from 2007, which is an example being used by the vendor to underline just how many potential bits of hardware could make the transition across the the latest OS.

"Now is the time for every partner to go and drive a hardware refresh and monetise their business through applications and new services," said John O'Callaghan, EMEA OEM director at Microsoft.

But it was around the ISV opportunity that he was able to blow his trumpet most triumphantly and talk about the Windows store and the rate of interaction from users.

"We now have more traffic coming to the Windows store than every before. For the developers it is creating a great opportunity and we are seeing six times more downloads than we did with Windows 8 and developers are making four times more revenue through the Windows 10 platform than they did with Windows 8," he said.

"This sets the new confidence that Windows 10 is going to be a game change for our partners and our customers," he added.

Ever since the OS was launched there has been speculation around just how much of an impact it would make in the business market. The consensus from the channel seems to be that it is going to be more of a 2016 story than something that will make a significant difference in the last few weeks of this year.

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