Toshiba offering UK resellers the chance to win win

Having enjoyed success with its Win Win incentive scheme in France Toshiba is bringing the programme to the UK

Points have always meant prizes in the channel as vendors look to inspire some sales with the prospect of rewards for businesses and individuals.

There have been chances to get products, retail vouchers and the prospect of winning some sort of trip of a lifetime to those that got through the orders.

For most vendors the points scheme ticks along in the background with a snazzy name and the occassional sales day to get it in the spotlight. But in this world of using every tool to try and drive value the incentive scheme is increasingly changing to focus on business benefits.

Some of the schemes which run now deliver marketing funds for a partner as well as some of the more traditional rewards and are being used to help fund useful things for the business.

A timely example of just how incentive schemes are changing comes from Toshiba, which is rolling out its 'Win Win' scheme that has been running in France for the last year. The decision to introduce the programme to the UK comes after the vendor paid out just under €2.5m in rewards to French partners.

The decision to extend the programme to the UK is not just on the back of what the vendor views as a successful experience in France, but also because it is looking to harmonise operations.

The incentive scheme is open to gold and silver partners and 7,000 of those tiered resellers took part in the programme across France and the ambition is to get the same sort of engagement here. There is also a hope that the arrival of the programme will help in partner recruitment.

“We are constantly looking for new ways to better support and grow our partner network, so we’re excited to be replicating the success of Win Win we experienced in France across Europe," said said William Biotteau, European Channel Director, Lifestyle Product & Services Division at Toshiba Europe.

Biotteau said that the vendor had been working with the channel for three decades and the decision to extend the scope of Win Win showed it was committed to deliver more support to partners.

The Win Win programme covers the Satellite Pro, Tecra, Portege products and associated docking stations and power units. Each point that partners recieve is £1, which can be converted into marketing budget to be spent on a range of things including demonstration products and gifts for staff.

One French gold partner, Sébastien Le Guen of Acsend, said that the programme had helped it gain funds that had helped positively hit its bottom line.

He said the involvement with the vendor had encouraged it to aim to work towards becoming a platinum partner next year.

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