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AMD gunning for enterprise PC market

AMD has recently unveiled its latest processor and is hoping the channel can help drive up its footprint in the enterprise

The PC market is an area of the industry that you might not expect to be described with the word 'stable' or a place that inspires confidence about growth and future prospects.

But there are still those that believe that given the right technology and price points the commercial market is still one loyal to the desktop and laptop and users will continue to invest in the technology.

A recent analysis of the PC world from IDC that concluded that products would be dominant in the corporate arena for many years to come as the product of choice because of its reliability, performance and ROI.

Against that positive background AMD is out banging the drum around its PRO series of processors, which it is pitching as a robust alternative to Intel.

John Hampton, director, worldwide commercial client business development at AMD, said that the current market conditions and its PRO technology provided it with the strongest proposition for the enterprise and it was going to be working hard to getting the message out to the channel.

"This is the best opportunity we have ever had now with the technology ahead of our competitors and we can tap into a stable market," he said.

Rather than getting bogged down in all the doom and gloom about the PC market Hampton was more upbeat about the future prospects for the technology.

"The commercial space is much more stable. On the consumer side things are much more volitile but on the commercial side it is very stable," he said.

"When we look at the commercial side we believe there is so much to tap into," he added that helping deliver products with longer battery life, better performance and improved security was ticking a lot of boxes for users.

Some of the market growth will be spurred on by users shifting to Windows 10, but the spending there might be more of a 2016 theme.

"There are a lot of users that are looking to upgrade who are on machines that are three and a half years old or older. Some users skipped Windows 8," he added "I think Windows 10 will help the market and it will help commercial because it has some features that are exciting."

The other reasons he hopes will cause customers to invest is the latest ranges of hardware coming out from the likes of HP and Lenovo.

AMD has an exclusive deal with HP to be the processor of choice in some of its Elite laptops, which Hampton believes is yet another reason the channel should engage with the vendor's technology.

The processor player revealed last week that it was cutting 5% of its workforce as it continued to hunt out cost savings.

The firm has a plan which it states: "is focused on the Company's ongoing efforts to simplify its business and align resources around its priorities of building great products and deepening customer relationships".  

As well as a 5% reduction, 500 people, in its workforce the plan also includes the prospect of outsourcing certain IT services and application development plus a further consolidation of its real estate portfolio.

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