SMART adds CLaaS to the managed services lexicon

SMART Technologies has launched a classroom as a service offering to target UK schools looking for a more flexible way to get their hands on the latest technology

The growth in managed services has changed the way resellers sell to customers and done its fair share to add yet more acroynms to an already bursting IT dictionary.

Along with platform, infrastructure and software as a service the educational specialist SMART technologies has now come up with another one, Classroom as a Service (CLaaS).

The idea of CLaaS is that schools and will be able to get access to interactive displays, learning software and support covered by a single service agreement.

It will not only hand schools the chance to get some predictaebility into their IT budgets but according to Smart should also save them up to 40% compared to going out and making an outright purchase of the kit.

“Schools face a very difficult time trying to keep up with the relentless pace of technology advancement coupled with the necessary training due to limited budgets and where parents are demanding the right tools for their children,” said Neil Gaydon, CEO of SMART Technologies.

“When the right education technology and training is in place it drives better learning outcomes, as well as preparing our children for a workplace that demands technology proficiency," he added.

Under the CLaaS service not only are the costs more predictable but there is flexibility with schools being given the option of adding more equipment and services in the future.

There are also plans to potentially include other vendors that would extend the CLaaS offering to include hardware, covering tablets, PCs, printers and wi-fi.

For those selling into education the idea of CLaaS will be of obvious interest but it could also work as a model for other vertical markets as resellers start to take managed services to the next stage of evolution.

For the customer that has been working with SMART, the Abbots Bromley School, the chance to pay more flexibily was a major attraction.

"Without ClaaS, there would be no possibility for us to raise the funds or invest in the state-of-the-art solution we have in place today," said Victoria Musgrave, executive head of Abbots Bromley School.  

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