TD Maverick gets Microsoft nod to take Surface Hub to Europe

TD Maverick has been signed up by Microsoft to take its Surface Hub digital touch screens out to market

The audio visual options when it comes to the boardroom have been generally a choice between a mounted screen or a projector which can be hanging from the ceiling or a portable device sitting at the end of the table.

For those customers that have the screens then the benefits of using them for presentations and for video conferencing are already well known, but for those still using projectors Microsoft might just have an alternative that the channel can push.

The Surface Hub is a move by Microsoft to get its hardware into the boardroom bringing a lot of features via its software expertise that other alternatives will struggle to match.

The vendor has just revealed its distribution partners for the product, including TD Maverick, which will be pushing the product in the UK and across Europe from the start of next month.

The Surface Hub comes in a 55 inch or 84 inch large format digital touch screen and Jon Sidwick, Maverick VP for Europe, said it does have the chance to have a large impact on the market.

The product will lean on some of the functionality coming in Windows 10 to provide whiteboarding, video conferencing using Skype as well as sharing content through One Note.

"It changes the world a bit and is a very high quality touch screen experience. It has all the functionality of Surface," he said.

"Anyone with a meeting room will want one and all you need is a plug socket and wifi," he added "It is one of those products that allows IT resellers to put themselves into the full solution space."

He said that the product also encouraged the development of apps for specific vertical markets and he could see it proving to be attractive to sectors including education.

Siwick said that he expected the product would open up some fresh customers for resellers: "It is creating new opportunities and it is idea to replace the projector that's been sat on the table".

Microsoft is pitching the product as an answer for those customers looking for more collaboration tools and is tapping into some of the trends in the workplace, including home working, that have increased the need for communication platforms.

“While there are a number of devices designed to improve our productivity as individuals, there has yet to be a device that is truly optimized for a group of people to use together — designed not just for what we need to do, but how we want to work. Until now,” said Mike Angiulo, corporate vice president, Microsoft Devices.

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