Snow Software rolls out app store to bolster SAM options

Software Asset Management specialist Snow Software is hoping an app store approach will make it even clearer what applications have been used in a business

The concept of an app store is one that nearly every consumer understands as a result of the way they buy and download applications for their smart phones and tablets.

There has been talk from some vendors and analysts about the same sort of app stores cropping up in a corporate environment, with plenty of predictions that 'gamification', the blurring of some of the activities of the consumer and enterprise world, will start to become more of a work-based phenomenon.

But not too many corporate app stores have been established so far, which is a situation that software asset management (SAM) specialist Snow Software wants to try and turn around.

The firm has cut the ribbon on its Software Store product, which will provide firms with the chance to deliver a menu of applications that users could request and then if given approval download.

On the one hand the product is an extension of SAM because it provides system administrators with the chance to keep a firm grip on just what applications are being used across the enterprise.

But on the other it is also nudging firms in a direction that starts to put the IT department back into a more positive light because users will see responses to requests for application downloads speed up.

Axel Kling, CEO of Snow Software, said that many customers had wanted to get into app stores but did not know where to start and it was providing them with a leg up.

“A lot of customers are familiar with the concept but not a lot of them have done anything about it,” he said.

Kling added that the IT department would gain back more time if it rolled out internal app stores and the user would see improvements in the time it took to get a software request processed.

“If the IT department can deliver in a reasonable time it will benefit the user and this is about enabling the user experience,” he said.

“If the software is allowed to be installed then it will be installed onto the us machines much more quickly,” he added.

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