Hrbrid cloud adoption continues to rise, survey reveals

A survey of 10,000 IT professionals by EMC finds that hybrid cloud adoption increased 9% in 2014

Hybrid cloud adoption has grown by 9% since 2013, according to research undertaken by EMC.

The massive survey polled 10,451 IT professionals across 33 countries and found that 27% had adopted some form of hybrid cloud strategy, with the greatest uptake being across EMEA.

While almost two-thirds of respondents expressed a need for hybrid, stating agility and security as the key benefits, 84% said that they would not be willing to host any applications in the public cloud.

“Enterprise IT continues to be under massive pressure to improve quality of service while reducing cost,” said Jeremy Burton, president of Products and Marketing, EMC . “As a result, companies are moving toward more advanced levels of IT infrastructure driven by innovation such as hybrid cloud.  We expect this uptake to continue in 2015 as companies look for agile, simple, and secure services.”

More than a third of respondents felt that their organisation didn’t not have the appropriate skills or knowledge to achieve key business priorities through IT and 69% said that training IT staff to keep pace with the megratrends would be a significant hurdle in the coming years.

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