Shadow IT worries clouding hosted moves

Research from the Cloud Security Alliance shows there continues to be worries about just what apps are being used in organisations

The growth in shadow IT, those applications and systems that users deploy across a network without the knowledge of the administrator, is an anrea that will become an area of greater focus for those trying to secure infrastructures.

The reaction by some users to the opportunity to bring their own device to work was seen by some also a chance to download their own apps and workaround the policies set down by the IT department.

But according to research from the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) a huge proportion of IT managers (72%) admitted that they did not know the number of shadow IT apps that were used in their organisation.

The research found that they was a desire to discover just what is being used against a backdrop of more firms looking to move to greater cloud adoption with security concerns still very high.

There seemed to be a fairly healthy interest in the cloud across EMEA with plenty of firms planning to put more data into a hosted environment.

“As companies move data to the cloud, they are looking to put in place policies and processes so that employees can take advantage of cloud services that drive business growth without compromising the security, compliance, and governance of corporate data,” said Jim Reavis, CEO of the CSA.  

““The past few years have marked a paradigm shift in IT’s role, from provider to enabler,” said Rajiv Gupta, CEO of Skyhigh Networks, which sponsored the CSA report.

“This survey illustrates that companies are aware of the consumerisation of IT but have room to more proactively address the security concerns of cloud adoption," he said.

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