Avnet positioned for the future as distribution evolves

Avnet has been developing its own proposition against the backdrop of growing cloud demand

When the cloud started to emerge a couple of years ago one of the first things that was said was it meant the end for distribution because that level of the channel would be able to offer a service.

Over the evolution of distribution the channel tier has gone from focusing on product availability, logistics and credit to then add training and marketing support in the last decade and is moving to position itself for the next phase of development.

Far from being snuffed out by the cloud the need for distribution is continuing and the view of the future from Dieter Lott, vice president for business development across EMEA, and head of the firm's enterprise business group, is a positive one.

"When it started it was a bout product availability, logistics and credit. Then in the 1990s the VAR community needed to be helped with training, which is still offered today," he said.

"The next step is being the business technology advisor by sharing our business intelligence. We know what sells when and what product combinations sell well," he added. "We are creating the value proposition for the partner."

Lott has been involved with the development of a reseller centric approach at Avnet that is designed to provide partners with the right products, market information and advice on which solutions are likely to chime with customers.

As a result Lott believes it is moving into a role that could be seen as more of a partnership with resellers and will deepen relationships with those at the coal face in a way that vendors would struggle to match.

"You just have to look at what distribution has done and for its size it is quite agile," he added "I am not worried about the future of distribution."

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