QA supports Tech Partnership Fund

QA to support the recently launched Tech Partnership Training Fund by providing training courses

Training provider QA has announced its support for the recently launched Tech Partnership Training Fund by providing training courses identified as key business-growth areas.

The IT skills shortage and its impact on the future economy is widely recognised and the Tech Partnership Training Fund is a government-funded scheme for employers to invest more heavily in IT training. A growing number of firms who want to support business growth by enhancing IT industry skills are joining the partnership.

The partnership recently won a bid in the government's Employers Ownership of Skills pilot and launched the fund on October 16. Employers can claim up to 50% of their training costs for apprenticeships and short courses and QA offers courses in all the key areas that the Tech Partnership Training Fund is willing to co-invest in.

The fund, supported by QA, can offer organisations the opportunity to enhance the skills of their employees in strategic business areas identified as cyber security, big data, cloud computing, and mobile development.

“Having the right skills to embrace the latest IT trends is vital in ensuring companies are maximising the benefits and opportunities that they can offer – and in the case of cyber security, protecting your most valuable assets,” Bill Walker, QA’s commercial director, commented.  

“It is fantastic that the government recognises the importance of these skills and has invested such a large sum of money to co-fund staff development in these key areas.”

The main eligibility criteria are that the business is based in England and the training is delivered on shore. The training cannot have previously been authorised via other funding or have already started and must be crucial to meeting business objectives.

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