Cisco ramps up Intercloud investment

Cisco announces $1bn investment in Intercloud as well as 30 new partnerships

Cisco is to expand its Intercloud ecosystem with a $1bn investment and the addition of 30 global partners including Deutsche Telekom, BT and Equinix.

The expansion will extend the reach of the Intercloud by 250 datacentres and is a significant step forward in Cisco’s effort to create an interoperable ecosystem for the many cloud platforms out there.

“Since we announced our OpenStack-based cloud strategy six months ago, we’ve received tremendous industry-wide support,” said Rob Lloyd, Cisco’s president of development and sales. “The strategy is gaining momentum in the open source community and providing partners with a powerful cloud platform with global reach, and Internet scale and efficiencies.”

 “Just as Cisco played a leading role in connecting isolated islands of LANs to architect the modern Internet, Cisco’s Intercloud Fabric and Application Centric Infrastructure innovations uniquely position us to connect disparate cloud services to unlock the full potential of cloud and with it a new era in IT.”

The $1bn financial boost will come from Cisco Capital and will help both customers and partners accelerate their adoption of the technologies needed to transition to Cisco’s cloud infrastructure.

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