CIF finds security concerns plague cloud customers

The Cloud Industry Forum has found there has been fallout from the PRISM spying revelations in customers attitude towards storing data in the cloud

Security concerns continue to dog cloud adoption with users showing signs of being spooked by some of the recent revelations about data leakage and spying.

The Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) has found in a survey of IT decision makers that the momentum in cloud adoption is continuing but data security is still the number one concern.

The worries about data security and integrity are not being generated by experiences customers have gone through, with only 2% admitting they have been hit by some sort of cloud breach, but more as a general response to the headlines about changes to European Data protection laws and the clandestine spying programme PRISM.

CIF is urging the channel to step in and challenge some of these customer issues to try to reduce the potential impact these worries could have on the market momentum.

"Despite the significant growth in adoption and penetration of Cloud services, it’s clear from the research that the market remains somewhat confused and uncertain as to the legal, regulatory and security environment surrounding the market. This is arguably driven by the continued FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) being peddled in the media following recent developments in European Data Protection and the revelations about PRISM," said Alex Hilton, CEO of CIF.

The CIF findings showed that the applications that users worried most about being at risk where backup/disaster recovery, data storage and personnel and payroll.

It also revealed that since the PRISM revelations 44% of customers had changed the way they used the cloud and 9% had even gone as far as changing their cloud provider.

Hilton suggested that the channel should suggest hybrid cloud as a route for those customers that were finding the idea of putting data into the cloud a cold sweat inducing concept.

“Hybrid Cloud enables organisations to combine the best of both worlds to fit both their technology needs together with mandatory regulatory requirements. This will also help them manage data concerns. Businesses are right to be concerned about their data, but this applies as much to Cloud environments as to on-premise,” he said.

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