Intermedia takes the pledge to avoid channel conflict

Cloud specialist Intermedia has taken a non-compete pledge to ensure it does not come up against partners in deals

Cloud specialist Intermedia has dusted down its partner programme introducing some enhancements, including a no-compete pledge to eradicate competition with partners.

The firm has promised that if a reseller is involved in a deal then it will back off and is in the process of building deal registration systems that will deal with the issue in the future.

"Intermedia is introducing more stringent policies to avoid channel conflict. If a partner informs Intermedia that it’s pursuing one of their deals, Intermedia will back off immediately. Intermedia is building deal registration systems to mitigate this issue proactively," wrote Aidan Siminster, director of sales at Intermedia, in a blog post.

At the same time as making the no-compete pledge the firm is also introducing some increased commission offers for partners that sell its data services and is introducing a discount offer for those resellers that opt to use Intermedia technology in-house.

There were also some improvements on the leads front with a referral programme being introduced to reward those resellers that pass them on as well as an indication that the vendor will provide more for partners.

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