Node4: Don’t shoot the IT manager

Data centre specialist Node4 has warned resellers not to take IT directors for granted despite speculation the role might disappear in the future

Despite the predictions that the role of the IT manager in small and medium enterprises will eventually cease to exist, cloud and data centre specialist Node4 has argued there will always be a need for technology experts within organisations.

Node4’s prediction follows research carried out by the company which revealed that 57% of SME’s believed the role of the IT manager would cease to exist in ten years time.

However, the company said the IT manager would be central to driving business success in the coming years and companies that ignored the expertise of IT managers would do so at their own risk.

The predictions of imminent demise for IT managers arised from the belief that the increasing simplification of technology, with a growing trend towards outsourcing technology services, meant that the IT manager would eventually become superfluous.

But Paul Bryce, business development director, Node4, said: “Many would think we welcome speculation that the role of the IT manager will be defunct by 2024. Perhaps it makes sense... as more organisations outsource IT to companies like us"

“However, the truth of the matter is that the IT manager is now more important than ever. Change is the new norm for IT departments and successful organisations need a technology expert who understands the IT landscape and can marry this expertise with the needs of the business," he added.

Bryce believed that the role of the IT manager would evolve from someone who controls technology within an organisation to that of a “steward of risk.”  In short, an informed member of staff who helps employees use technology to win more business and beat the competition.”

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