Demand for IT workers remains high

The demand for IT workers continues to remain high as more firms look to use technology as a spur for growth

IT staff remain in high demand with salaries improving as firms look to attract the best talent as they start to crank up the use of technology to try and gain competitive advantage over rivals.

The latest Report on Jobs, published by KPMG, highlighted continued growing demand for IT and computer workers during June and also highlighted that despite employers offering attractive salaries IT workers are holding out for jobs that also looking at a broader range of benefits. 

In a league table of nine job categories, IT came in fourth out of nine, with the index measuring demand for IT workers at 66.9. This was down from the May figure of 67.6, but that said KPMG said it was still indicative of an overall strong growth rate and is still slightly above the UK average of 66.6.

There was also accelerated demand for temporary IT staff with June registering 63.8, a slight increase on the May figure of 63.2. The June figure was also the highest reading since February of this year, though it was below the national average for temporary workers of 65. In the June job category rankings, temporary IT staff took fifth position, out of nine.

Commenting on the findings, Heath Jackson, partner in the CIO Advisory practice KPMG, said: “With both permanent and temporary workers seeing an expansion in available job vacancies, it seems that employers are ready to ‘splash the cash’ in what appears to be an attempt to lure skilled staff from competitors. 

“Yet despite offering starting salaries at a rate that has not been seen during the survey’s 17 year lifetime, it is clear that candidates are not easily swayed," he added.

KPMG said the higher pay packets from employers reveal increasing market confidence they need to be mindful that potential IT employees are looking at the bigger picture and “inventive rewards packages” will be needed to attract and retain the best talent.

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