Politics and fashion grads boost network sales

Six months into its graduate programme and Networks First is already reaping the rewards

Six months after launching a sales academy staffed with graduates, managed network vendor Networks First has signed up 60 new partners and achieved Cisco's Sales Expert (CSE) accreditation.

The company put the graduates through a rigorous training project and then launched the former IT, law, politics and fashion students into the world of routers, IP VPNs and multiprotocol layer switching.

Nic Morgan, head of sale Networks First, said: "We hear often that young people leaving university do not have the skills that businesses need to help them succeed. This team we are building... are committed, creative and hungry."

The company says it is developing the strongest sales team possible in order to grow a next generation of service sales account managers from within the company.

The academy provides continuous sales, vendor, networking and internal operations' training, including the Cisco CSE certification, in order to show its personnel how to “get the best results and maximise on every sales opportunity.”

The team are tasked with targeting potential partners that Networks First can support channel partners operating in managed services, network support services, engineering and professional services.

Sam Bailey, a graduate from the academy said: "IT has always been a passion of mine and I always knew I wanted a career in sales.  The training and support we've had... has been incredible. The CSE and our on-going training gives us the confidence to sell networking services on a day-to-day basis."

Networks First plans to continue with the academy initiative in the future and is planning to invest further once the current team progresses and achieves its predicted results.

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