Colt reveals resellers have key role to play in solving user problems

Colt has discovered that customers believe that resellers are best placed to help them with their technology ambitions

Resellers have a significant opportunity to help customers that need to innovate but face budget constraints after being identified by many customers as the ideal problem solvers.

Research from Colt indicated that 64% of UK firms are experiencing a Tech Deficit, where they realise that they don't have the budget to meet the demands from the rest of the business, and in some other European countries it was as high as 80%.

As a result over half of European firms expect to be unable to deliver business critical services over the next couple of years and a fifth of organisations revealed they didn't have a strategy in place to try and cope with the deficit.

With the focus on the use of technology having shifted from a focus on price cutting in the depth of the recession and onto improving growth prospects there is real pressure for firms of all sizes to be more innovative and competitive.

Gary Moore, marketing director at Colt, said that there was a real opportunity for resellers with 66% of customers identifying them as playing an important role in guiding them through the deficit problems.

"This is really good news for resellers and we have already started to share the findings with our partners to give them collateral to take out to customers," he said.

He added that customers were also keen to get greater simplicity in their technology and were likely to ask partners to help them deliver those improvements.


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