Vendor push for wider portfolio selling fuels reseller training demands

With vendors pushing pressure on partners to get trained up to sell more of their portfolio the response from the channel can be seen in moves made by Wick Hill

The pressure from vendors for resellers to sell more of their products portfolios is causing some to seek more training and support as they widen the expertise that can be offered to the customer.

With consolidation a major feature of the industry the mantra from vendors, particularly in areas like security where the market moves so quickly, over the past year has been to encourage existing partners that might have started selling a product four or five years ago to take a revised look at the portfolio and to sell more of the suite.

That vendor call for wider products sales is having an impact on resellers and distributor Wick Hill reacted to the growing demand for more training yesterday re-organising its structure to increase the emphasis on training and professional services support and has shored up its ability to help those partners, both old and new, that are trying to build more of a solution for customers.

Ian Kilpatrick, chairman of the Wick Hill Group, said that there was pressure from vendors for resellers to update their knowledge on products and take on more of the solution that was being developed by the acquisition and organic development activity.

He said that some of the vendor accreditation schemes now required partners to increase their skills and more were focusing on increasing the knowledge held across its reseller networks.

"They need partners to understand the changes to their portfolio, so they can sell the breath of it," he added "There is a continual need for knowledge refreshment and an understanding of where the solutions have moved to."

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