Acer boss talks tablets, smartphones and cloud

The head of Acer has decided that the future of the firm will be in a world where there has to be more in the portfolio than just the PC option

The head of Acer has outlined his plans for the vendor just five months into his stint at the helm, indicating that the PC maker is starting to look beyond its traditional markets for growth.

Jason Chen has already been fairly candid about the missed opportunities that held the vendor back from taking more of a share of the tablet and smartphone markets and in an interview with the US press there were signs that he would correct that.

As well as expending its product portfoilo to get more share of the tablet and smartphone market he also talked about the importance of the cloud and noted that none of the top 20 enterprises globally were pure hardware players.

When it comes to smartphones there won't be the chance to sell one of the firms smaller models in the UK for a while, with the firm instead opting to avoid competing in mature markets to try and build up a position in emerging markets, a strategy that was also followed by Lenovo as it looked to push out of its Chinese heartland.

Throughout the interview Chen commented on the importance of the channel and said that along with brand and service networks it was one of the three pillars that made put it in a strong position.

On the cloud front the firm has already established a consumer offering and the functionality for users to synch data across mobiles and PCs but it is yet to produce a hosted model that would generate large income but Chen indicated that more than half of its engineers are now working on software as it looks to develop that side of the business.

Chen is not alone in deciding that the future has to be one that involves a move away from relying on the PC and most of his rivals, Lenovo's PC Plus strategy comes to mind, are already moving in that direction.

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