Exertis Micro-P reshuffles B2B operations to add value

Exertis Micro-P has made changes to its B2B operations as it looks to respond to the reseller need for more technical support

Exertis Micro-P has unveiled a structural change in its B2B operation as it looks to develop both the volume and value added distribution sides of its business establishing two separate divisions to deal with resellers.

The volume side of the business is being headed by Phil Brown, director Exertis Micro-P and the VAD side will be run by Grahame Smee, the managing director of Cohort Technology, which was acquired by the distributor last October.

The decision for the move is being explained by an increasing move by sales to become more technical, with resellers expecting more value to be added to the sales process, which will now be delivered in greater depth by Smee's VAD operation.

As a result of the changes some of the reporting lines will alter with the UC Systems team based in Altham and the security experts in the Stoke office will now report into Smee and the VAD.

Paul Bryan, Exertis Micro-P’s UK managing director, said that it wanted to add more value and the changes to its business to business operations were designed to deliver improved support for resellers.

“We have three sales channels in Retail, B2B and Telco, and we’re promoting services, services, services, all the way through.  Grahame’s team has allowed us to change gear in the B2B VAD channel and we’re already seeing some fantastic wins with both vendors and customers.," he said.

"There’s a lot of rhetoric out there about what Value Add Distribution is doing, but I’m just pleased that we are really making a tangible difference in all three channels," he added.

Smee said that it had already seen good results supporting existing vendors, including Dell Security and Shoretel and it would "add more soon to complete our offering".

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