IT job demand rises as firms look to expand

The latest job survey numbers from KPMG and REC indicate that the economy is recovering sharply but skills shortages could be a problem

Demand for IT staff continues to rise, with firms looking for permanent IT specialists to join their ranks as the worst of the recession starts to fade and investment plans start to be activated.

Figures from KPMG and the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) indicate that the demand for full time staff in the IT market is stronger than other sectors and the call for temporary staff also remains strong.

The growth in permanent IT vacancies is stronger than other parts of the economy, which was evidence that the sector is expanding again quickly after the downturn, and the appetite for full-time workers remains more popular than for temps.

Across all sectors the demand for permanent staff was at its highest for four years with salaries for staff also increasing at the fastest rate since October 2007 but the latest KPMG/REC report also indicates that the number of suitable candidates is also shrinking at a fast pace.

REC CEO Kevin Green said that the demand for full-time staff was a positive but highlighted the potential skills gap as the pool of talent was sucked up by expanding employers: "The number of candidates available to fill vacancies continues to fall and this is becoming a business critical issue in highly skilled roles."

Bernard Brown, partner and head of business services at KPMG, said that there was now more job security but warned against firms getting into bidding wars for some of the most highly-skilled workers.

“The simple fact is that employers wouldn’t be competing to offer candidates ever increasing salaries if they couldn’t afford to sustain them.  Doing so would be a short-term folly and run the risk of undermining recovery," he said.

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