Home workers struggling with slow PCs

Crucial.com has found that poor PC performance is preventing people from working at home

Slows PC performance is preventing more staff from working from home and could provide resellers with a chance to chat with corporate clients about the support they are giving remote workers.

According to research from memory player Crucial.com just shy of half of workers that wanted to work from home were unable to because their hardware was just not up to the task.

Traditionally problems with broadband have been a cause of problems for home workers but now concerns about PC performance is topping that with many users finding that they are not able to access work files from home.

Roddy Mclean, computer upgrade expert at Crucial.com, said that desktop problems undermined the desire that people had to do more home working and added to their overall stress levels because they were missing out on enjoying more flexibile working.

“IT problems like slow-running computers can have a huge impact on peoples’ ability to work from home. It causes greater stress still because a lot of people don’t know how to deal with the problem when it happens," he said.

Crucial.com also quoted business and personal life coach Sally Ann Law, who highlighted the personal benefits that came from allowing staff to work from home: “It’s clear that we could all be less stressed and much happier if we were all able to work from home. People would be able to spend more quality time with their families, which is vital in today’s busy, constantly switched-on world”.

Recent analysis of PC trends in the corporate market in the last quarter of 2013 indicated that the corporate market is starting to refresh its desktop estate with the termination of Windows XP support looming and the need to provide staff with machines that can cope with the latest system demands.

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