Kelly takes aim at cloud giants with Ospero venture

Former Logicalis boss Tom Kelly embarks on channel-building mission for cloud orchestration platform provider Ospero

Global infrastructure-as-a-service and managed services firm Ospero has appointed former Logicalis boss Tom Kelly as chairman with a brief to grow its business through partners.

Ospero has tasked veteran channel operator Kelly with the job of developing a robust and strategic plan for the next stage of its development, in which partners will play a key role.

Speaking to MicroScope, Kelly explained that the firm’s cloud platform was built on the idea of simplicity and customer choice and accused the vendor community of obfuscating around the issue of what cloud computing actually was, and how best to provide it.

“I don’t think any of the major vendors have made cloud easy to work with, or explained where they’re coming from,” he said. “This is reflected in terms of slow take-up.

“I find it amazing that vendors have spent so much buying and building cloud businesses but what they have not done is transformed their own culture – sadly, that impacts partners,” explained Kelly.

“We saw an opportunity to build what we call the Ospero Agility Platform to make cloud consumption easier in terms of getting a service off the ground and managing it.”

Ospero – itself a partner of CommVault, EMC, Equinix, HP, servicemesh and VMware – has developed a concept that it refers to as the Customer Defined Datacentre, through which it provides a range of customisable cloud datcentre options to its customers.

“IT departments who may see cloud as a threat can now deliver it in the way that they want to, and we stand behind them so that the internal IT department becomes the cloud provider for their own company,” he explained.

In channel terms, Kelly said Ospero believed its offering would be something the channel could use to its advantage in terms of building out their cloud services portfolios, and hoped to make the firm as channel friendly as possible, backed by his extensive and long-standing experience in the field.

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