Prospect of Sony exiting PC market bolsters shares

Reports are circulating from the Far East that suggest Sony could sell off its Vaio business

Lenovo is being linked with Sony's PC business as reports from the Far East suggest that the Vaio unit could potentially be on the table as the vendor looks to exit from an increasingly tough market.

Shares rose on the suggestion that Sony could make the move, but along with selling to a rival vendor the other option could be to sell the business to an investment fund that would then take over the unit. A final option seems to be making a strategic withdrawal from overseas markets, including the UK, and focusing efforts closer to home.

Reports from Japan have put a $391m pound price tag on the unit, with Sony retaining a small stake if the option with a investment fun goes ahead, but at this stage other details remain sketchy.

More details could potentially be given later this week when Sony reports its quarterly results, with any sale of the division likely to cause the vendor to prepare investors for the costs associated with exiting the PC space.

Any move by Sony would come against a background of ongoing declines in the PC market, with the consumer space remaining challenged as users opt for tablets instead of laptops.

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