Big Technology brings NFV firm Pluribus to UK

Major signing for Exclusive Networks spin-off Big Technology promises resellers more in-depth control of datacentre architectures and an easy path to network function virtualisation sales.

Datacentre virtualisation VAD Big Technology has made its first vendor signing in the shape of open architecture developer and networks functions virtualisation (NFV) specialist Pluribus Networks.

Big Technology MD Jason Dance described NFV – which aims to drive out proprietary network hardware such as load balancers and routers by pushing their functions onto VMs – as a near-term opportunity for resellers, and said he had picked Pluribus because it could deliver it simply and efficiently.

“NFV is a very simple principle; far more straightforward than the pitches from other big players would have you believe,” he said.

“The datacentre is become software-orientated, and no longer defined by specialised hardware for each of the various networking, compute and storage functions. That’s a fact, and it’s a huge opportunity to those in the channel who grasp it,” he added.

Pluribus Networks’ Freedom architecture is described as a combination of compute, network and storage that makes datacenters more cost-effective to run, responsive, and higher performing, enabling partners to simplify and redefine the economics of the datacentre.

Its NFV solution interoperates with bare-metal servers and virtualised environments, and takes the form of an intelligent top-of-rack server switch, which integrates compute and storage with network virtualisation and a distributed hypervisor to create a single manageable, software-defined instance.

“Enterprises aren’t going to stop at virtualising their servers and other simple datacentre building blocks; the proliferation of data and the demands from users are pushing datacentre managers to embrace NFV and leverage a single software-defined fabric for higher performance, flexibility and control,” said Paul Donovan, EMEA sales director at Pluribus Networks.

Big Technology was spun out of parent Exclusive Networks last October with seven vendor contracts under its belt, Avere Systems, Coraid, Extreme Networks, Nimbus Data, Nutanix, Silver Peak and Tegile Systems.

Its objective is to offer the channel a dedicated datacentre VAD to help partners address growth in datacentre demands with “intelligent, big-scale solutions capable of bringing order to the chaos” and “realising the promise of the user driven, software-defined datacentre”.

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