Former Microsoft manager charged with insider trading fraud

A former Microsoft manager and a friend have been charged with insider trading fraud

A former Microsoft manager has been charged with insider trading ending 18 months of taking advantage of knowledge of the vendor's strategy that had netted a profit of £240,000.

According to SEC documents former Microsoft employee in the vendor's Treasury Group Brian Jorgenson fed tips through to his friend business analyst Sean Stokke to allow the other to make moves on the stock market that woould work to their advantage.

An example of how the two worked together was the decision to buy Barnes and Noble shares just before the announcement was made that Microsoft was making an investment in the bookseller's business. All the profits were split between the pair.

Jorgenson and Stokke also reaped the rewards when they traded shares around the vendor's financial results, taking advantage of prior knowledge of the quarter hitting or missing analyst expectations.

In papers filed by the SEC it was made clear that both men were aware they were braking the law and Jorgenson had broken Microsoft's policy on insider trading, which "prohibited employees from buying, selling, or tipping others regarding the securities of Microsoft or any other company with which Microsoft was negotiating an investment or acquisition".

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