Microsoft partner community PartnerPulse shuts down

Social media team at Microsoft partner community PartnerPulse turn out the lights, citing lack of investment, engagement

Microsoft partner community PartnerPulse is to shut down after failing to attract sufficient signups or funding to grow further.

Launched in late 2012, the community was established by Microsoft SharePoint consultant Chris Wright with the hope of driving more business into the channel by fostering open engagement and collaboration between Microsoft partners and customers.

PartnerPulse was built around a feature called the Pulse, where resellers were able post announcements, blog posts, photos, video and so on, as well as respond to customer queries.

However, despite having Microsoft’s approval, PartnerPulse has now revealed it was unable to generate sufficient levels of interest among partners to grow its community to the point where it became a useful destination for the channel.

“Whilst our existing members found much to love about what we did, at the end of the day there were simply not enough of them,” it said in a statement.

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PartnerPulse added that it was “unable to secure the right backing or funding that could have perhaps accelerated our plans.”

Existing members learned of the network’s closure earlier this week, and at the time of writing the PartnerPulse site was no longer accepting sign-ups.

According to its statement, the site will remain online for a short period but will likely go dark for good before Christmas.

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