Box Technologies launches financing for channel partners

Box Technologies is to offer a new leasing programme for its channel partners

In a bid to drive sales, Box Technologies, a technology provider to the retail sector, is offering  a leasing programme for its channel partners. The aim is to offset the downturn in the retail sector by providing retailers with the means to buy technology on more favourable terms. 

Ian Patterson, head of retail at Box said: "The recession has had a huge impact on the retail and hospitality sectors - and many businesses have struggled during this time. When it comes to technology purchases, decisions are often made to go with the lower level products, due to affordability reasons.”

The financing programming aims to provide channel partners with finance for both hardware and software services. This will, in turn, provide their customers with stronger purchasing power, and the ability to upgrade the technologies they want.

The financing deal has been put together by partnering with Bluestar Leasing, a technology finance company.

Bluestar has also developed an app, the Lease Calculator, which enables a reseller to visit a customer and provide an 'on the spot' quotation, by inputting the amount that needs to be borrowed, coupled with the period of time.

Sean Hosking, MD at ECR Concepts Software, said: "I can now provide clients visiting our show room with the full picture - solution, price and finance. [It's] professional, and easy to use and helps in providing a slick sales process to the potential client."

Apparently the app is already gaining traction with channel partners. Patterson adds: “…we have seen instances of companies wanting to switch their finance company, across to Bluestar."

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