Local players buck the PC market trend

The PC market might still be declining but some local players are managing to buck the trend and grow better than rivals

The PC world might be in decline with quarterly shipment numbers continuing to contract but at a local level in some of the emerging markets there appears to be plenty of life in local hardware manufacturers.

As the household names battle it out for the top positions there are plenty of smaller players further down the rankings that might not pose a threat to Lenovo, HP, Dell and Acer but are managing to challenge them when it comes to growth rates.

The latest IDC PC tracker numbers contained details of a slightly less than worse decline in global PC shipments in the third quarter but also revealed some of the potential names of the future.

The analyst house highlighted the growth enjoyed by Chinese commercial desktop vendor Tongfang, which saw a 34% increase in shipments in August compared to a year earlier, and Brazilian home-grown player Positivo, that led the top PC vendors in growth in the first half of 2013.

Although its shipments tend to yo-yo as a lot of business is dependent on government and education contracts the Brazilian firm, which specialises in corporate laptops, still managed to grow quicker than the overall market.

Some of the other names IDC picked to keep a watch on included Venezuelan education player Canaima and Chinese desktop outfit Haier, which is making strides into the commercial market.

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