F5 mulls over value changes to partner programme

F5 is planning to revamp its channel partner programme to reward value as well as volume

F5 is in the planning stages to re-calibrate its channel programmes to reward value rather than just focusing on volume in an effort to ensure that it is recognising the achievements of resellers of all sizes.

The changes to the channel programme are still in the preparation stage but are being designed with a view to making those partners which invest in training and certifications able to get rewarded for showing that commitment.

Michael Schoenrock, director of the EMEA partner organisation at F5, said that it was going to strike a balance between volume and value as it did not want to operate at the extremes of just patting those with either the largest sales or the most engineers on the back.

He added that the rationale for the changes was to develop its channel Unity programme to react to some of the big trends in the market where customers were looking for more consultantcy and solutions provision from their reseller partners.

He said it would be discussing the proposed changes with partners over the next four to six months and explain how it will be scoring things going forward on a combination of revenue, skills and service delivery levels.

"We see developments in the market and we must adapt and lead the way and adapt from a more classic channel programme model," he said

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