Redstation datacentres to deploy Virgin 100Gbps network

Datacentre specialist claims UK first following new agreement with Virgin Media Business

Hampshire-based datacentre operator Redstation will soon be the first in the UK to offer its customers data speeds of up to 100Gbps via a new high capacity network from Virgin Media Business.

The high capacity wavelength service will be rolled out at Redstation’s two datacentres in Gosport over the next six months, extending the company’s core network and differentiating itself from the competition as the first company to sign up for the service.

“Moving an increasing amount of data around at faster speeds is the number one issue affecting datacentre operators like us,” said Martin Groom, MD at Redstation.

“Our customers are demanding more and more bandwidth all the time and in order to support that and grow our business we needed a solution that met that need and prepared us for the future."

With the extra bandwidth, Redstation will soon be able to offer its hosted customers, spread over 100 countries, the ability to transfer data at at least twice the speed of a typical point-to-point connection offered by most datacentres, avoiding bottlenecks when traffic is high and reducing downtime or lost access.

“Virgin Media Business’s new network will mean that we can offer customers more than enough bandwidth and even have spare capacity to ensure they we can devote time to creating newer services for our customers,” added Groom

Jeff Wollen, executive sales director - partner markets and public sector at Virgin Media Business said businesses were getting more and more data hungry with every passing day.

As they become more reliant on cloud services, and mobile working technology to run their operation they need faster and more reliable data transfer between sites,” explained Wollen.

“We’re proud to be supporting the UK’s first roll-out of a 100Gbps datacentre network and are confident that more operators will recognise the need for more bandwidth.” Wollen concluded

Groom continued: “Virgin Media Business’ technology allows us to deliver the performance and reliability our customers require, while providing the flexibility to dial capacity up as we need to. We’re also thinking about expanding our service offering and are currently making plans for more sites. The great thing about the network is that it will give us the room we need to grow, without causing us any headaches over restricted bandwidth.”

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