Peripherals market hammered in Q4

The latest market numbers from IDC show that the printer market took a hammering in the fourth quarter as weak economic conditions took their toll

The global peripherals market took a hammering last year with even the colour laser multifunction printer category recording a decline in the fourth quarter.

The latest global insights into the peripherals market from IDC showed a 11.2% decline year-on-year in Q4 and colour laser MFPs dropped by 1% as weak economic conditions took their toll.

Inkjet still dominates 64% of the market enjoying decent penetration levels in both homes and offices with monochrome laser taking 27% and colour the remaining 11% market share.

"The inkjet market is largely responsible for the declines due to weak consumer demand. However, business inkjet growth is solid, and these premium-priced products are helping vendors to overcome some of their consumer revenue declines," said Phuong Hang, program manager, worldwide hardcopy peripheral trackers at IDC.

"IDC expects the market will slowly begin to recover as consumer confidence returns, but growth rates will be in the single digits," she added.

In the longer term IDC expects the colour laser market will overtake the monochrome in volume terms and is already growing demand in the A3 and A4 segments.

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